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Our HILOTHERAPY® devices are being used both in clinical applications and privat applications. To ensure the correct usage of our therapy-devices, please read the associated manuals provided on this site. Furthermore you can download all certifications of our devices issued by the TÜV Süd.

Application & Maintenance

With the following videos we would like to educate both nursing staff and patients about the correct ways to use our devices. We are showing different the correct use of different devices and cuffs. Unfortunately these videos are only available in german language. If there are any questions please consult one of our team members. Furthermore the maintenance of our devices is critical for their long-term reliability. There are also some common issues that can be resolved easily with the following tips.

CIPN / CIA devices setup & application
ChemoCare device setup and application
Reset the HT02 device
Error E21: Refill water tank
Maintenance HT02 unit
HT02 Setup after factory reset