for the prevention
of swelling, haematoma,
inflammation and pain

HILOTHERAPY® Clinic, Professionell and HomeCare

A thermo-treatment with single-degree precision

In the case of tissue that has been damaged or subjected to trauma, oedema and bleeding impair the supply of oxygen and nutrients. This leads to a circulatory disorder and overheating due to inflammation. The effects of HILOTHERAPY® counteract these symptoms.

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HILOTHERAPY® – a thermo-treatment approach that promotes healing of damaged tissue​
Particularly following surgical interventions, injury and in cases of chronic disease, and for the swelling, bleeding, haematoma, oedema and inflammation that result from these, our treatment not only promotes healing but also reduces the intensity of pain, which may mean patients are able to take less medication.

What role is played by oxygen and nutrient supply?
Following surgery or injury, oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues is severely impaired. The increased metabolic rate leads to overheating with inflammation of the affected tissue, and an associated circulatory disorder. The oxygen demand is significantly increased by this process.

The result: ​
the levels of oxygen available that reach the affected tissues is no longer sufficient to support regeneration due to the increased oxygen demand. This shortage of oxygen (ischaemia) leads to further cell death; fluid-binding proteins are released, which lead to further oedema, which is the start of a vicious cycle leading to damage due to hypoxia (oxygen shortage).

How can medicine intervene? ​
The oxygen demand of the damaged tissues must be reduced.

Areas of application

Medical sectors

Traumatology / orthopaedics

Oral and maxillofacial surgery




ENT medicine

Plastic / aesthetic surgery



Vascular and micro-surgery

General post-operative wound healing

Physiotherapy / Rehabilitative

Sport medicine

Sport medicine


Treatment areas



Pain relief


Muscle strains

Muscle tears



Inflammatory rheumatism




Functional rehabilitation, such as improving mobility and muscle relaxation

How does it work?​

The thermal effects are created using distilled water. The water is heated or cooled in our specially-designed treatment devices with degree-exact precision and maintained constantly at this value. This guarantees temperature stability as medically indicated. Applications lasting from hours to several days can even be carried out with no temperature deviations. Sensors constantly verify the temperature value and ensure its consistency. The cooled water flows around a closed-loop system through anatomically designed cuffs which are available as single-use cuffs for different parts of the body, or also as reusable cuffs (only in orthopaedic applications).


Reduces the intensity of pain leading to reduced intake of pain killers

Accelerates the healing process

Reduction of bruising and inflammation

Temperature and duration of application can be adapted individually as you feel suits you best

Our treatment devices

HILOTHERM HomeCare, HILOTHERM Professional and HILOTHERM Clinic are the three devices that have been developed to carry out HILOTHERAPY®.

There are special cuffs designed for each indication and affected body part that integrate an intricate capillary system into their design. This guarantees the uniform effects of the temperature applied onto the injured tissues. We would be delighted to advise you further on which device and cuffs are best suited to your needs.

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Specialist field: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Majeed Rana

Assistant medical director Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery at the Düsseldorf University Hospital

“At our hospital for oral and maxillofacial plastic surgery, we have several HILOTHERAPY devices that are in constant use. Particularly following bimaxillary realignment osteotomy procedures, HILOTHERAPY® allows us to achieve astonishing results in terms of preventing both swelling and pain. It would now be unthinkable for us to go without these devices for use following both minor and major interventions, if nothing else due to the excellent acceptance of the treatment by patients and the growing demand by patients for application of HILOTHERAPY during post-operative recovery.”

Specialist field: Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. med. Volker Alt

Specialist field: Plastic and Aesthetic Medicine KÖ-Klinik Düsseldorf

“We count HILOTHERAPY® amongst the key factors leading to success when carrying out facelift and eyelid surgeries at our Clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. The innovative concept using constant cooling helps our patients to achieve faster wound healing and return to their normal day-to-day lives. These positive effects produced by the cooling cuffs are not only experienced by our patients, but also our seen by our team of specialists. The system contributes significantly to making our jobs easier, particularly during post-operative treatments.”

Specialist field: Orthopaedics, Trauma Surgery

Dr. med. Klaus Steinhauser

Doctor of orthopaedics and sports medicine
Orthopaedic Clinic for Out-patient Knee Surgeries, Karlsruhe

“By adding HILOTHERAPY® to the treatment of our surgical patients, we can achieve the very best results. The patients have reported the treatment as being a pleasant experience. Post-operative swelling, bleeding and haematoma are greatly reduced by using the treatment. HILOTHERAPY® is an integral part of our clinical practice and has become indispensable for ensuring our patients receive the very best standards of care.”

Specialist field: sports medicine

Dr. Hanns Christian Harzmann

Former Team doctor for the U21 National Team of the German Football Association (DFB)

“We have been working with HILOTHERAPY® for some time now. We primarily apply the treatment in cases presenting with ligament injuries, bruises, knee injuries etc. The amount of time players are forced off the pitch due to injury can be drastically reduced by using Hilotherapy.”


Distilled water. No chemicals.

Delivery is possible within 48 hours from receipt of payment.


There are specific cuffs for the different areas of the body. These can be found on the product overview page. We would also be delighted to give you further information over the phone.