to avoid or reduce chemotherapy-induced alopecia / hair loss (CIA)


The treatment for a better quality of life.

HILOTHERAPY® is a physical cooling-treatment. With it’s degree-precise cooling mechanism applied locally HILOTHERAPY® is often used in onocology to prevent side effects of chemotherapies.

By using out processor-controlled cooling system it is possible to reduce or prevent the Chemotherapy-induced alopecia (CIA) / hair loss significantly.

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The problem:

Hair loss as a side effect of chemotherapy

Amongst modern, individual treatment methods (immunotherapy, antibody-therapy, endocrine therapy and more) chemotherapy still is a highly effective and commonly applied cancer treatment. It helps to heal – but is associated with many fears for patients.

Many chemotherapeutic agents cause damage to the hair follicles and visible hair loss (alopecia). At the beginning of a therapy, chemotherapy-induced hair loss is one of the biggest worries for many patients.

Controlled scalp cooling is the only way to combat hair loss / alopecia (CIA).

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The problem:

Diagnosis cancer and chemotherapy
Hair loss as a side effect?
No! That’s our mission.

The consequences:

  • Hair loss – a most distressing side effect
  • The disease becomes obvious
  • Impairment of the body and self-esteem
  • Mental stress
  • Reduction of the quality of life

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prevents hair loss / alopecia (CIA)?

The Hilotherm ChemoCare CIA device is a processor-controlled cooling system for controlled scalp cooling during a chemotherapy treatment.

  • The cooling medium (distilled water) flows in a closed-loop circulation system through the scalp cooling cap.
  • the scalp is cooled down to 19°-20°C
  • The processor-controlled scalp cooling leads to constriction of the blood vessels at the hair roots, reducing their blood flow.
  • This causes a reduction of metabolism, transport and uptake of cytotoxic substances at the hair follicles.
  • The result: visible reduction of hair loss.

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Scientific background

According to various studies that the prevention of alopecia can be achieved by cooling the scalp below 22°C. Studies show: a subcutaneous temperature of 22°C and an epicutaneous temperature of 19°-20°C is the most effective prevention for hair loss (Oncologist, 2018)

The processor-controlled cooling system by Hilotherm (ChemoCare CIA) cools the scalp to the best possible temperature to prevent alopecia. The head cuff is adjustable in size and thus enables the scalp to be evenly cooled.

The device

The Hilotherm ChemoCare CIA device is a processor-controlled, compact and portable cooling system

  • Continuous cooling
  • Connection for one cooling cap – one treatment spot
  • With size-adjustable scalp hood
  • easy to use
  • portable, flexible device – compact
  • suitable for small treatment rooms
  • also available for patients directly

Who is the scalp cooling suitable for?

Scalp cooling can be performed during the treatment of all solid tumors that are treated with cytostatics like Taxane (e.g Docetaxel), alkylating agent (z.B. cyclophosphamide) und anthracyclines/DNA intercalation (e.g. doxorubicin). These substances engage rapidly dividing cells and keratinocyte, which causes Chemotherapy-induced alopecia / hair loss (CIA) (Paus et al., 2013).

Scalp cooling must not be applied under following circumstances:

  • Malignant hematological diseases (leukemia, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and other generalized lymphoma)
  • cold allergy
  • cold agglutinins
  • scalp metastases
  • Imminent bone marrow ablation chemotherapy
  • Imminent cranial irradiation

Practical implementation

Scalp cooling is performed on the day of chemotherapy treatment. Before, during and after chemotherapy. Applying the scalp cooling treatment after a previously started chemotherapy treatment is far less promising, since the hair follicles may have encountered serious damage already.

Important during application:

  • Moisten hair and apply some conditioner
  • put on scalp cap
  • Make sure that the scalp cap fits well
  • The cooling is performed vefore, during and after chemotherapy.
  • The duration of the cooling times depends on the chemotherapy substances
  • Adherence to the cooling times is essential and important for the success of the treatment


The ChemoCare device has been developed for use in in-patients in hospitals and clinics and is applied before, during and after a chemotherapy treatment session. Hospitals/clinics can buy a device outright, with finance, or on a lease. Simply get in touch with one of our team.

We would be delighted to contact your doctor in order to make it possible for you to use the device. Please get in touch with one of our team.

HILOTHERAPY® is used immediately prior to, during, and following a chemotherapy treatment session at the respective clinic/hospital.

Unfortunately, the German statutory health insurers do not cover costs for this treatment. We would also be delighted to give vou turther intormation regarding costs tor the treatment.