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A cooling treatment with single-degree precision

Hilotherm Geräte Einsatzgebiete

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Cooling treatment? I’ve heard of that already!​

You’re sure to have heard of cooling treatments before, as using application of cold in the treatment of rheumatic diseases is nothing new. From ice packs to cool pads, cooling sprays to cold air… Even refrigerated rooms! There’s already a wide range of options available. You’ve probably even tried a few of them for yourself. What you won’t have experienced, however, is a new, completely different treatment approach, which differs significant from traditional treatments: HILOTHERAPY®.


A thermo-treatment which allows for temperature control to single-degree precision over a range from +15°C to +22°C. The temperature is then maintained consistently at the selected
value, even during sessions lasting several hours. You can, of course, also adapt the temperature at any time, even during application, to suit your personal experience.

The positive effects​

Constant application of cold ensures the desired effects of HILOTHERAPY® are achieved. This starts by blocking pain receptors. “Transmission” of impulses from the affected areas to the brain is disrupted and the pain sensation is blocked.

A second effect: if the local tissue is cooled, a reduction of blood circulation to this area occurs as well as a reduction in the local metabolism. Both have an effect that reduces and even reverses inflammation.

A further positive influence is the supporting effect on lymphatic drainage and cytokine balance. Cytokines are messenger substances that play a vital role in the control of the immune system. Excessive amounts of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and a lack of anti-inflammatory cytokines leads to chronic inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis is one example of a disease where this balance is disrupted. These effects demonstrate why cooling treatments are expressly recommended by the German Rheumatologist Association.


Reduction in pain intensity

Can be applied at any time when acute attacks occur

Improved quality of life

Reduced need for pain killers, and less side effects

Temperature and duration of application can be adapted individually as you feel suits you best

Using the device​

A “cold chamber” for the home

HILOTHERAPY® functions using a combination of the HILOTHERM HomeCare device, cuffs for application to the body, and a closed-loop circulation system through which a cooling medium flows. The device is compact and easily transportable at a weight of just 2.9 kg (weight when empty). You simply need to connect to a power supply and add distilled water. That’s why Hilotherapy can be used at any time, independently of doctors appointments.

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Results from an observational study

Dr. med. Peter Keysser

Head consultant at the Rehabilitation Department,
Orthopaedics and Rheumatology,
Oberammergau Hospital [Klinik Oberammergau],
Waldburg-Zeil Kliniken

“After having used the cooling cuff system on the larger joints in our surgical patients with great success for many years (even in patients with systemic inflammatory-rheumatic diseases as part conservative therapy), we now had the opportunity to test prototypes of the new hand cuffs as part of a new application observation study. The new cuffs were used in patients having undergone surgery on the hand as well as in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in conservative therapy. Here too, the early results are very promising. On average, the treatments studied showed a reduction in pain on a visual analogue scale by 2 out of 10 points. A quarter of patients reported a reduction in the need for pain medication due to application of the treatment. No cases reported any adverse effects or pain, such that we are in the position to strongly recommend applying the method for our rheumatism patients as well as patients suffering from orthopaedic and trauma-related issues.”


Distilled water. No chemicals.

Delivery is possible within 2 days from receipt of payment

There are specific cuffs for the different areas of the body. These can be found on the product overview page. We would also be delighted to give you further information over the phone.