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HILOTHERAPY® The degree-precise  thermo-treatment

HILOTHERAPY® is a thermal treatment approach that uses heat or cold that is locally applied to injured parts of the body.

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About HILOTHERM The company

What we are trying to achieve and how we want to help.

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Thanks to the Hilotherm HomeCare device, I didn’t suffer from any significant swelling of the face following very extensive dental surgery to remove all of my remaining teeth and have several implants set. There were just some initial signs of swelling that almost completely disappeared by the second day following the surgery. I enjoyed using this cooling method.
Erwin B.
Each and every one of us in our family has benefited from our Hilotherapy device already. Apart from using it for small day-to-day aches and pains, we have applied it more specifically in the case of the following injuries/procedures: wisdom tooth extractions, syndesmosis ankle ligament surgery, dislocated thumb, ankle ligament rupture, joint capsule separation in thumb. It really can’t even remotely be compared to the traditional methods of cold application with ice or gel packs!
Thomas H.
To the staff at Hilotherm, thank you for this amazing device. It’s great that it can simply be borrowed by private customers. It’s a shame that all doctors/clinics don't offer this treatment as standard.
L. Wolfer