Treatment Device

10 – 35 °C
A cooling treatment with single-degree precision

Get relief from your aches and pains using the single-degree temperature precision of HILOTHERAPY®: You can speed up the healing process with targeted application of HILOTHERM Clinic device and its anatomically-formed cuffs for the major body parts.

In the case of tissue that has been damaged or subject to trauma, oedema and bleeding impair the supply of oxygen and nutrients. This leads to a circulatory disorder and overheating due to inflammation. The effects of HILOTHERAPY® counteract these symptoms. To achieve this, an exactly suited temperature is applied to the area of damaged tissue in order to restore metabolism, help remove dead cells and proteins, and to accelerate the healing process. The tissue temperature is raised or lowered to a specific value depending on the type of injury. As such, the thermo-healing approach can be applied not only to larger tissue injuries, but also to smaller ones.

HILOTHERM Clinic Technical information

10 – 35 °C
430 x 275 x 268 mm
Empty weight: 10 kg  Operational weight: 12 kg
Required for operation
Coolant: distilled water
Accelerates the healing process
Reduces the intensity of pain leading to reduced intake of pain killers
Temperature and duration of application can be adapted individually as you feel suits you best

HILOTHERM Clinic Buy a device (finance options available)

Are you interested in buying a device, either outright or on finance? We believe that high quality and personalised advice from the very first contact with our customers is vital to ensure that we put together a package of the right components and cuffs to suit your needs and specific application.

For any enquiries, please simply get in touch with one of our team: preferably by phone on 07566 / 9 11 99; using out contact form; or by email to info@hilotherm.com. Then we can work out the right solution for you and arrange for timely delivery.


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Cuffsand accessories

Trolley Hiloroll To Product
Service-Kit To Product
Transport-Trolley Hilocase To Product
Connecting hose To Product
Face cuff, upper To Product
Universal cuff large To Product
Hand cuff To Product
Round cuff, large To Product
What liquid does the device use to operate?

Distilled water. No chemicals.

How quickly will the device be delivered?

How quickly will the device be delivered?

How do I select the right cuff?

There are specific cuffs for the different areas of the body. These can be found on the product overview page. We would also be delighted to give you further information over the phone.