Treatment Device

10 – 12 °C 
A cooling treatment with single-degree precision

HILOTHERAPY® is a form of thermo-physiotherapy which applies a constant temperature in a range of 10–12 °C in a targeted way to a localised treatment area. When used as a preventive measure, HILOTHERAPY® can significantly reduce the risk of chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy (CIPN) occurring.

HILOTHERAPY® functions using a combination of the HILOTHERM ChemoCare device, specially-designed cuffs for each application to the body, and a closed-loop circulation system through which a cooling medium flows. High-sensitivity sensors monitor to ensure a stable temperature for the duration of the treatment, even over a period of many hours. The ChemoCare device comes with four different connectivity ports, incl. four cuffs (two hand cuffs and two foot-cuff slippers).

The Hilotherm Chemo Care treatment device

  • Temperature: 10 – 12 °C (adjustable with single-degree precision)
  • Long-term operation at a constant temperature (sensors ensure the set temperature is maintained constant).
  • Coolant: distilled water
  • Connectivity ports for four cuffs, i.e. simultaneous treatment of two parts of the body is possible.
  • Delivery on trolley

HILOTHERM ChemoCare Technical information

5 – 25 °C
430 x 275 x 268 mm
Empty weight: 10 kg  Operational weight: 12 kg
Required for operation
Coolant: distilled water
Reduction of circulation in the hands and feet for the entire duration of chemotherapy
A significant reduction in the amount of chemotherapy drugs reaching the extremities
Prevents side effects on the hands and feet
Avoid drawn-out after-care treatments associated with side effects
Improved quality of life

We are always happy to send quotes
to doctors or clinics for purchase (either outright or on finance) of our    HILOTHERM ChemoCare device

Are you interested in buying a device, either outright or on finance? We believe that high quality and personalised advice from the very first contact with our customers is vital to ensure that we put together a package of the right components and cuffs to suit your needs and specific application.

For any enquiries, please simply get in touch with one of our team: preferably by phone on 07566 / 9 11 99; using out contact form; or by email to info@hilotherm.com. Then we can work out the right solution for you and arrange for timely delivery.



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Cuffs and accessories

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How can I use the device? At home? Do I have to buy it? Are there financing options? Can I just rent the device?

The ChemoCare device has been developed for use in in-patients in hospitals and clinics and is applied before, during and after a chemotherapy treatment session. Hospitals/clinics can buy a device outright, with finance, or on a lease. Simply get in touch with one of our team.

My treatment doctor does not have a device... What can I do?

We would be delighted to contact your doctor in order to make it possible for you to use the device. Please get in touch with one of our team.

Do I have to use HILOTHERAPY® as a hospital/clinic in-patient?

HILOTHERAPY® is used immediately prior to, during, and following a chemotherapy treatment session at the respective clinic/hospital.

Will the costs for treatment be covered by the German statutory health insurers?

Unfortunately, the German statutory health insurers do not cover costs for this treatment. We would also be delighted to give you further information regarding costs for the treatment.