Treatment Device

35 – 43 °C
Our heat application solution with single-degree precision temperature

The HILOTHERM Calido device was specially developed for local application of heat as part of HILOTHERAPY®.

HILOTHERAPY® with the HILOTHERM Calido device makes it possible to apply heat locally for pre-conditioning and/or post-conditioning in cases of potential (or actual) critical blood circulation. This state comes about primarily due to surgical interventions on the body's outer surface, as large-areas of tissue transfer or separation of tissues from underlying tissues (e.g. as part of flap-plasty) can negatively impact blood circulation to skin and muscles. Pre-conditioning of tissues with local heat application at approx. 35 – 43 °C leads to a significant improvement in wound healing and survival of any flap-plasty.

The precise heat application is made possible by using water. The water is heated in our specially-designed treatment device with degree-exact precision and maintained constantly at this value. The temperature stability that is medically indicated is guaranteed in this way, both for short treatment sessions and applications lasting as long as several days. To make application of the treatment possible on all of the various different parts of the body, mouldable cuffs were developed through which water circulates. These are available in different shapes and sizes and so can be perfectly adapted and applied to the body region to be heated. Water is heated to the desired temperature and is circulated around the cuffs, ensuring a constant and uniform heat application to the body’s tissues. 

HILOTHERM Calido Technical information

35 –43 °C (adjustable in increments of 1 °C)
430 x 275 x 268 mm
Empty weight: 10 kg  Operational weight: 12 kg
Required for operation
Heat medium: destilled water
Continuous maintenance of blood circulation, especially in areas of potentially threatened tissue
Improved survival of tissue despite impairment to circulation in the tissues as a result of surgery
Faster healing of surgical wounds
Less frequent occurrence of wound healing disorders
Reduction in duration of hospital admissions
Reduced probability of corrective follow-up procedures being required due to tissue rejection

HILOTHERM Calido Buy a device (finance options available)

Are you interested in buying a device, either outright or on finance? We believe that high quality and personalised advice from the very first contact with our customers is vital to ensure that we put together a package of the right components and cuffs to suit your needs and specific application.

For any enquiries, please simply get in touch with one of our team: preferably by phone on 07566 / 9 11 99; using out contact form; or by email to info@hilotherm.com. Then we can work out the right solution for you and arrange for timely delivery.


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Distilled water. No chemicals.Distilled water. No chemicals.

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What liquid does the device use to operate?

Distilled water. No chemicals.

How do I select the right cuff?

There are specific cuffs for the different areas of the body. These can be found on the product overview page. We would also be delighted to give you further information over the phone.