10 – 43 °
HILOTHERAPY® The degree-precise  thermo-treatment  

A new treatment approach: Single-degree-accuracy temperature.
Pin-point location precision. Natural.

HILOTHERAPY® is a thermo-treatment approach that is applied locally to damaged body parts, with its effects influencing the oxygen demand of tissues, metabolism, blood circulation and the pain receptors of the affected tissue. Used as a hypothermic treatment, it has slowing effects; as a hyperthermic treatment, its effects are stimulating. These effects of HILOTHERAPY® are obtained using specific temperatures that can be controlled to single-degree precision for each different indication.

From sports injuries
to chemotherapy.

The areas of application of HILOTHERAPY® are wide ranging, with special cuffs designed for each indication and affected body part that integrate an intricate capillary system into their design. This guarantees the uniform effects of the temperature applied onto the injured tissues. We would be delighted to advise you further on which cuffs are best suited to your needs.

5 facts about temperature, you did not know yet.

Application of the right constant temperature, with single-degree accuracy, leads to faster healing.​

“The colder the better.” - NO! Excessive cold application can be dangerous.​

The right level of cooling is the best way to achieve pain relief.​

Cold can also help with its slowing effects.

The right heat application can prevent circulatory disorders.

We like ice, like everyone. But not on the skin.

The constant temperature is a significant advantage over traditional treatments with cool pads or ice packs etc. These treatments thaw out, losing their cooling effects, and have to be swapped for new ones during the treatment depending on how long they need to be applied for. They also present a danger of burning the skin due to the extreme cold.

Improved quality of life for patients  And the endorsement of many doctors...

People whose quality of life is temporarily reduced stand at the centre of our focus. Using HILOTHERAPY®, we would like to help to improve how you feel. A faster recovery following surgery or injury is a key objective, in addition to alleviating complaints resulting from chronic diseases and limiting particular complications, such as those occurring due to chemotherapy.

We are highly motivated and dedicated to the task of helping patients with our treatment approaches, in close collaboration with doctors and other therapists. Read more about what patients thought of our treatments in the testimonials.